11 Celebrity Couples That Called Off Engagement After Cheating Scandal

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Everyone knows that breakups can be hard. There are those people who attempt to heal the heartbreak with pints of ice cream, while others mend with Taylor Swift tunes on repeat. Sometimes, all you need is a box of tissues, a tearjerker on Netflix and your best friend on the couch for a shoulder to cry on. But all of that’s reserved for sad breakups. What about angry breakups? Rants on social media, of course!

Celebrity couples call it quits as often as the sun rises. But, most of them try to do so amicably so as not to taint the other person’s public image. However, every so often there is a breakup that is enshrouded with scandal — a cheating scandal! Take a look to see all of your fave celeb couples that called off their engagements amidst infidelity allegations: