10 Celeb Couples that Broke Up But Still Worked on TV Together

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Tumblr (chat-rine)

Tumblr (chat-rine)

Co-stars are a lot more than just people who act together. Some become best friends IRL. Some even stand by each other’s sides when they get hitched. And, in less-than-sporadic instances, some become romantically involved.

But, as you know, not all relationships end with wedding bells; there are a LOT of TV couples who broke up IRL but still had to work together. #AWKWARD That’s why they call it acting, people!

Don’t believe us? The CW alone has nine couples who remained friendly on set even though their real-life romances were totally dunzo. Other networks aren’t immune to the post-breakup work relationship curse, either. See which TV pairs dated, called it quits, and continued working on TV together below!

TV Couples That Tied the Knot IRL