6 Celebrities Who Got a Tattoo in Honor of Their Ex and Then Covered it Up

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Getting a tattoo removed is a long, expensive and painful process. And while some celebrities decide to suffer through the experience to get rid of tats in honor of an ex, others choose to rectify their body-art mistakes in another fashion — by getting even more ink.

Some tattoo artists are so incredibly talented that they can take virtually any piece of body art that a person regrets and turn it into something beautiful and totally unique. Got your ex’s name inked on your ankle (*cough* Denise Richards *cough*)? No problem — it can be turned into an adorable fairy. HATE the fact that you got your wedding date tattooed on your back (we’re looking at you, Kaley Cuoco)? Easy — a giant moth will cover it up. Here are the stars who got inked for love, but then altered the art after splitting: