8 Celebrity Couples That Started & Ended in 2015

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There were plenty of celebrity couples born in 2014 that didn’t make it to 2015. Austin Mahone & Camila Cabello (a.k.a. Ausmila) made up one; Zac Efron & Michelle Rodriguez made up another. Guess they just didn’t see a future with each other… which is good, honestly; better off knowing after a few months together than wasting time, you know? Plus, there’s barely enough time for us to ship them. (And it’s all about us, obviously).

Fast forward to the following year, and it’s the same story. Sure, there were flings doing what flings do best: end quickly. (i.e. Nick Jonas & Kate Hudson. Yes, that supposedly happened.) Then there were those famous relationships that lasted a bit longer… but not by much: