15 Celebrity Couples That Started and Ended in 2017

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There’s nothing like that first sighting — when two celebs you never in a million years thought would get together are spotted holding hands or locking lips. It’s hard not to get excited. There are Instagram captions to decipher, mash-up nicknames to be made and fan-fiction stories to write. How else would you respond to the news that The Weeknd moved on from Bella Hadid and started seeing Selena Gomez? When you’ve been following along with these Hollywood hotties or pining after them yourself, their new relationships deserve more than just a share on your Facebook feed.

That’s why it’s so easy to become obsessed with the new “It” couples, especially when their relationships are just beginning. While we’d all rather live out the honeymoon phase of a coupledom ourselves, watching it from the outside can be a pretty nice substitute for the time being. Let’s be real. When Justin Theroux refused to answer questions at one of Jennifer Aniston‘s movie premieres because it was her night, the whole world swooned. And it’s not like any of us have been able to forget the time another Justin — Bieber, this time — cleared out a basketball court for a romantic dinner with then-GF Selena. Goals, goals, goals.

Unfortunately, some couples never make it past this stage. They’re super cute and in love, until they’re just super done all of a sudden before you’ve had your fill of them. We’ve seen it happen to the best of the best, like Kaley Cuoco and freaking Superman Henry Cavill, who only lasted ten days. Since some relationships, like that one, are over before they’ve even started, we decided we had to round up all the whirlwind romances of 2017 just in case you missed any. Some were over too soon and some not over soon enough, but all started and tanked within the year. All we can say is, R.I.P.