13 Celebrity Couples That Worked on 3 (or More!) Movies Together

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Celebrity couples work together on movies all the time. In 2016 alone, there are at least SEVEN famous stars appearing opposite their real-life significant other on the big screen. What’s more rare, though, are celebrity couples working together on a film multiple times; as in, on three or more flicks throughout their coupledom.

Usually what happens is that a twosome will meet on the set of one movie, and choose to star in one more together later on. (This happened with Channing Tatum & Jenna Dewan (from Step Up to 10 Years) and Brad Pitt & Angelina Jolie (from Mr. & Mrs. Smith to By the Sea).) But it’s even cooler when two loves continuously share the camera, like these 13 celebrity couples. (FYI, this does not include duos that starred in sequels, like Robert Pattinson & Kristen Stewart in The Twilight Saga.)