12 Celebrities Who Had Over 3 Significant Others Within One Year

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Celebrities are super-busy humans. They’ve got a new red carpet to be on every five minutes or so, and a different dreamland island from which to post Instagram photos every hour (according to our calculations). But one thing that they make time for is celebrity dating. Well, if you’re the celebrity in question, you just call it regular dating. But that doesn’t mean that there are any fewer people tracking every movement of the relationship, just like we so intently keep up with the other details of their lives. So, if anyone is going to notice a serial dater, it’s going to be us.

In fact, that’s just what we’ve done. Because, while you may think you’re fairly up-to-date on the ins and outs of Hollywood’s dating pool, we’re sure that at least a few things get by you occasionally. Like, for example, these 12 celebrities who totally had more than 3 significant others within the same year (that’s one every four months! one every season!) without anyone pointing it out.