6 of Your Favorite Celebrity Couples That Took an ~After-Sex~ Selfie

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While some celebrities hate social media, most can’t help but be obsessed with its ability to instantly connect them to fans, friends, etc. We absolutely love following our favorite stars online, but not gonna lie, we can admit that some of them do the freakin’ most. Whether they’re posting pictures that are SURE to get flagged, or getting a little too personal, it seems that some famous people get a kick out of using the Internet to rile people up.

That being said, what do you think happens when a celebrity couple decides to click ‘post’ on a shot that can be taken as slightly scandalous? The world freakin’ explodes. Listen, people — there’s realistically no way to know if famous pairs who take photos together in bed with seemingly no clothes on are actually doing anything naughty. Maybe they were just chillin’ and their shirts just so HAPPENED to slip down a bit. Perhaps they took their tops off with the intent of riling people up. Or, ya know, they could actually have just gotten finished having sex, just like everyone assumed.