15 Celebrity Couples That Matched Their Outfits… on Purpose!

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Have you ever been in a situation where you and your BFF, or worse, your enemy, show up to an event wearing almost the exact same outfit? It’s pretty much one of the worst feelings ever, especially if you dedicated hours to putting together the perfect ensemble. In this situation you have three options: 1) pretend that you guys planned to match, 2) try to one-up the other person or 3) run and hide. While we would probably choose option three, a ton of celebs prefer option one.

When we see couples matching on the street we’re torn between going “aww” and “eww.” Yes, it’s a cute gesture but we’re not sure if it’s something that should be done. We found some celebrity couples who disagree with us, so much so that they have purposely matched their outfits while out in public. From matching leather outfits to wearing the same exact tuxedo, these stars have no shame when it comes to matching!