19 Celebrity Couples That Got Married on the Day of Love: Valentine’s Day

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Celebrity Couples Married Valentine's Day


Valentine’s Day is just a few days away, and although you and your bae may only be ordering in Chinese food and binging on Netflix, others take the holiday way more seriously. Instead of giving their S.O. a standard heart-shaped box of chocolates and a mushy Hallmark card, some take it a step further and get engaged on V-Day… and sometimes, they even get married!

We know, in many ways, Valentine’s Day is totally overrated, and regardless of the day, we should all be doing nice and romantic things for the people that we love. Still, tons of celebs throughout history chose to tie the knot on February 14th, and even though you may think it’s cheesy AF, we kinda get it… February is a romantic month! So, wondering which celebrities chose to walk down the aisle on the ~day of love~? Check it out: