11 Celebrity Couples Who Got Engaged and Tied the Knot — All in 2017!

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In the age of elaborate, Insta-worthy promposals, there’s a lot of pressure when it comes to asking your crush to a school dance, let alone when it comes to popping a much bigger question — “Will you marry me?” With such high expectations in place, it’s hard to imagine how celebs must feel when they’re picking out engagement rings and planning proposals. For an A-lister, asking someone to marry them isn’t just a special moment, but a publicized one where all eyes are on them. Hollywood hotties like Nick Viall and Kanye West even had the moment they got down on one knee televised.

But while some people may approve of the way the big moment plays out, others judge and criticize instead. Proposals rarely ever disappoint us — unless the entire thing is kept under wraps, of course. Nothing is more frustrating than no info at all, and that’s why we were obsessed with the details released on the way Colton Hayne’s husband-to-be popped the question, not to mention how Miles Teller asked longtime girlfriend Keleigh Sperry to marry him on an African safari. We just wish everyone who is paired up in Hollywood would give us a chance to appreciate the adorableness of their engagement before pictures of their wedding start surfacing on social media. Can you say whiplash?

There are a few celebrity couples who have been engaged for freaking ever, but there are just as many who tie the knot faster than we can say, “Congrats!” Seriously, all of the pairs we’ve rounded up on this list managed to get engaged, plan a wedding, and have a ceremony all within 2017. We guess you could say it’s been a busy year! We can barely keep up, but we’re trying our best.