6 Celebrity Couples That Got Engaged in 2016… & Married the Same Year!

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Congratulations are in order! Or, TBH, long overdue in some cases. This year, we’ve had a lot of sad celebrity breakups — we’re well aware of that. However, even though 2016 has been ROUGH (to say the least), there hasn’t only been trouble in paradise. We’ve had a few single celebrities who finally find love and some who have decided to secure their commitment by getting engaged.

While it seems like stars get engaged and then break up right after all the time, a few very confident (and brave!) stars decided to get engaged and then get married — all within the same year! 2016 has been a year of good and bad relationships, but for these six couples, they rang in 2016 as boyfriend/girlfriend and will go into 2017 as newlyweds: