9 Celeb Couples You Didn’t Know Broke Up Until One Was Dating Someone New

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It’s not controversial to say that celebrity relationships are really frickin’ hard to keep track of. It seems like every. single. day. some pop star begins seeing someone new or gets back into an on-again off-again relationship. What complicates things even further is that celebrities tend to date A LOT. Like, basc once a star splits with their bae, they can have a new one in .05 seconds. If the former duo never formally announced their breakup (NGL, even posting a sad crypic tweet would do!), then you can’t blame people for being shocked when one of the parties involved is suddenly spotted getting snuggly with someone new.

While cheating is sometimes a cause for the canoodling, what’s USUALLY the case is that the star simply forgot to keep fans up to speed on their love life… leaving a lot of confusion about the status of their old relationship and what’s happening in their new one.