6 Celeb Couple Photo Shoots That Were Awkwardly Released After the Pair Split

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Ever get that cringe-worthy feeling when you read interviews of celebrities talking about their bae in the present tense… only to find out that they actually broke up? Like, for instance, when Lily Collins graced the September 2013 cover of Seventeen, she was still dating Jamie Campbell Bower, so she spoke highly of their relationship. But, when the issue actually hit newsstands, the couple was dunzo. Likewise, when Ashley Greene covered Glamour and Joe Jonas covered Details, they couldn’t get enough of each other in the interview portion. Ashley even referred to Joe as a “superstud!” Sadly, by the time the issues made it to press, they called it quits.

So you can imagine how much more cringe-worthy it is to not only read/hear the former lovers sing each other’s praises before they knew they were headed for Splitsville, but to actually see them getting cozy for the spread!!! It’s happened on more than one occasion. Most recently, pictures of Fifth Harmony‘s Lauren Jauregui getting up close and personal with girlfriend Lucy Vives hit the web… after their breakup.

So awkward, right? We feel ya. To feel it even more, check ’em out for yourself. Here are six celebrity couple photo shoots that were released after the pair split: