Kendall Jenner, Plus 7 Other Stars Who Participated in Controversial Adverts

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Consumers everywhere are enraged over the latest Pepsi advertisement to hit the Internet, which features cops, multicultural millennial protesters and supermodel Kendall Jenner. Since the ad’s release, Pepsi has received a ton of backlash for seemingly emulating the #BlackLivesMatter movement and making light of the recent protests against police brutality.

In the advertisement, Kendall is seen bridging the gap between the protesters and the police by passing an officer a can of Pepsi. In response, both the protestors and the cops are seen smiling, laughing and celebrating in unison. Although Pepsi says the soft-drink company was “trying to protect a global message of unity, peace and understanding,” many people are outraged at the implication that something as simple as a can of a soda passed off by a white supermodel is the solution to police brutality.

It didn’t take long for Pepsi to agree to pull the advertisement, but it got us thinking: What other famous celebrities participated in controversial endorsements? Take a look! You may be surprised.