Happy National Comic Book Day! 5 Celeb Comics You Didn’t Know Existed

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Just in case you couldn’t tell from our coverage of Comic-Con 2012, we are all about comics. Especially when they’re turned into big-budget films, such as X-Men: First Class and The Amazing Spider-Man. So, since today’s National Comic Book Day (and you know how we feel about holidays, both widely-recognized and unconventional), we chose to celebrate it in our own way. Rather than shine a light on the comics-turned-movies, like we’ve dabbled in a little bit in the past, we opted to highlight the celebrity comic books you probably didn’t even know about…

Big Time Rush
From the makers of the One Direction comic, another boy band was immortalized in cartoon form. Thanks, FAME!


Rihanna, Lady Gaga and Katy Perry
Holy smokes, Batman — it’s three popstars in one strip!

DC Comics

Technically, this is part of a graphic novel. But this sketch of Bella and Edward is a must-see:

Young Kim

Mark your calendars for… sometime in 2013, ’cause your favorite FOX show is crossing over into the land of Archie comics!

Archie Comics

Demi Lovato
Must. Find. A copy.


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