Our Favorite Celebrity Cheers!

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If it wasn’t for super fans, celebs wouldn’t even be celebrities and we wouldn’t have any readers! Lately we have been totally into watching these cheers that fans made up in honor of their favorite stars and we looked around YouTube finding our favorite ones! Right now, Sally Hansen has a contest going on for their Insta-Dri nail polish, where you and your besties can come up with a totally original cheer about Sally Hansen for the chance to win $1000 and a bunch of Sally Hansen swag. Check out the best celebrity cheers.

Justin Bieber
These girls look super adorable in their cheer outfits and we love their dance moves!

Selena Gomez
We hope Selena sees these dedicated fans. This got 4,000 views, which is super impressive!

Hunger Games
It totally takes guts to make a cheer on your own and then put it on the web. Kudos to this girl for making this sweet chant for Katniss, Peeta and Gale.

Taylor Lautner
Looks like these girls are totally rooting for Team Jacob! Think your Team Edward cheer can beat theirs?

Jonas Brothers
Okay, We don’t know what contest this is that they entered, but these two are so creative and hopefully they won because they definitely deserved it.

Cody Simpson
Aw, these girls made a really cute cheer for the aussie singer and they totally rocked it.

Have you ever made up a cheer for your fave celeb? Put a link in the comments below so we can see your creative side and be sure to enter the Sally Hansen Show Your Colors contest by creating an original cheer about Sally Hansen nail polish for the sweet prizes!

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