From Taylor Swift to Lauren Conrad, These Celebs’ Cat-Eyes Are Purrfect

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We are so psyched for the must-watch summer show, The Nine Lives of Chloe King, that we can hardly contain ourselves. It’s a show about a girl who discovers at 16 that she has the powers of a cat; nine lives, the ability to climb crazy things and really strong nails. So in honor of the premiere of the show, we thought we’d pay tribute to our fave cat-like celebs. Or cat-like makeup on celebs, at least. Ya know, where the eyeliner wings out to the side just a tad?

So from Taylor Swift to Shay Mitchell, check out the 10 best cat-eyed looks!

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Who rocks the cat-eyed look best? Do you ever wear your makeup like that? Tell us in the comments!

And before the show airs in June, make sure to catch up on everything Chloe King!