The Top 5 British Guy/American Girl Celeb Couples

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Have you heard the news? Dianna Agron‘s ex is getting hitched! That’s right, folks, Alex Pettyfer is officially off the market until he and his fiancee separate and/or eventually get divorced — he’s engaged to Elvis Presley’s granddaughter, Riley Keough! Although we’re happy that he’s happy, this couple only just made our list of top Brit guy/American girl couples. Care to see it? (Sorry, Katy & Russell. This list consists of current pairs only.)

5. Alex Pettyfer & Riley Keough
These two try to keep their relaysh out of the public eye (unlike when he was with Di),
but no one could hide those rocks on their ring fingers. Congrats, you two!


4. Joshua Bowman & Emily VanCamp
If you’ve seen Revenge, you would def notice the chemistry between the two stars.
Wonder what goes on between the duo when the cameras turn off. :wink wink:

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3. Nicholas Hoult & Jennifer Lawrence
The X-Men: First Class co-stars kept under the radar for over a year now.
Let’s hope they can make it through her inevitable shoot to super-stardom!

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2. Andrew Garfield & Emma Stone
We wish we could go on a double date with these lovebirds.
How fun would that be?!

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1. Robert Pattinson & Kristen Stewart
Of course they’re #1! Even with eyes on them at all times, Robsten’s been going strong for years.
Plus they’re both in The Twilight Saga and you know how we feel about all those flicks…

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Can you believe Alex is getting married? What’s your fave Brit guy/American girl couple? Which British dude would you wanna date (a One Direction member, perhaps)? Leave us a note below!

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