10 Beautiful Female Celebrities Who Downsized Their Breasts

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Bigger is better in the world of breasts, right? While people with small chests, or chests they’re not satisfied with, find surgery to be a great boost in self-esteem, some people just don’t like the results. And then there are those born with naturally large breasts who find their self-esteem is affected much like someone with too small a chest. They experience back pain and other mental and physical discomforts. Whether they don’t like their implants or they can’t take their naturally large chests any longer, people all over the world choose to downsize, including celebrities.

The celebrity world is based heavily on image, and the tabloids and Internet prove harsh critics. But at the end of the day, the following 10 celebrities will likely tell you that your health comes first, and no naysayer can get in the way of you feeling good about your body. Wanting smaller breasts is a personal choice, and going through with surgery, whether to remove implants or downsize what your mama gave you, is a brave choice, especially for those constantly in the public eye.

From reality TV personalities to fashion moguls, movie stars to some of your favorite faces on primetime TV shows, you may be surprised to find that the following 10 women have downsized their breasts, proving bigger is not always better: