Celeb Battle: Whose Birthday Party Would You Rather Attend, Taylor Swift’s or Vanessa Hudgens’?

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Taylor Swift Vanessa Hudgens Birthday

This week was big in the way of celebrity birthdays. Taylor Swift turned 22 on December 13, and a day later, Vanessa Hudgens turned a year older (23). And you’d probably kill to attend either of those celeb-packed birthday parties, right?! But if you just had to choose which star-studded soiree to attend, which would it be? We’re gonna tell you what we think each party had in the way of guests, entertainment, and decorations, and then you tell us which you’d rather get invited to. Cool?

Taylor Swift Birthday Cake

Taylor Swift
What she’d wear: A side pony, red lipstick, and a sparkly gold gown, natch
Decorations: There’d be glittery mini guitars hanging from the ceiling, posters of Taylor’s biggest 2011 mag covers (Billboard’s Woman of The Year one included!) on the walls, and napkins would be inscribed with Taylor’s song lyrics. Get it? Cause she writes a lot of her lyrics on napkins?
Entertainment: We think this one’s kind of obvious…
Celebrity guests: Selena Gomez, Demi Lovato, Nicki Minaj, Katy Perry, all her ex boyfriends (kidding!) and her kitten, Meredith (not kidding!).
Chance that Zac Efron would show up: Likely, considering Zac and Tay are co-starring in The Lorax, coming out March 2012. We say it’s like, 80 percent poss!

Vanessa Hudgens Birthday Cake

Vanessa Hudgens
What she’d wear: Super tight jeans, clogs, a flowy hippie shirt, lots and lots of rings, and her signature peace sign necklace
Decorations: None. We all know how Vanessa likes to keep things naked bare…
Entertainment: The Black Eyed Peas. They’re V-Hud’s fave!
Celebrity guests: Ashley Tisdale, Aly Michalka, Brittany Snow, Ashley Greene and possibly her co-star slash rumored hookup buddy, Josh Hutcherson. We wish!
Chance that Zac Efron would show up: Less likely, considering they broke up over a year ago at this point. Plus, it’d be way awkward if Zac were to run into V’s new beau, Austin Butler. But? Zanessa still claim to be friends, and birthday parties are full of friends, so hey, it could happen…

So, which party would you RSVP “Yes” to? Tell us who you chose and why in the comments, and then make sure you vote!

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