12 Stars Who Supported Their BFF at a Premiere, Despite NOT Being in the Film

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As we all know, celebrities are really busy people, and if you really think about it, it’s kind of amazing that they have time to do anything at all during the little time that they’re not working. To juggle a demanding job with long hours while also constantly being under the media spotlight is no easy feat, but somehow many of them manage to do it gracefully while also maintaining a tight-knit relationship with their family and friends.

To be honest, when stars do get time off, most of them would probably prefer to stay home and chill rather than do anything that is similar to work. However, celebs who have friends in the industry often choose to use their downtime to show support for their famous besties. We know… so sweet, right? In fact, some famous folks even hit the red carpets of movies they weren’t even in just to be there for their friends! And if you’re wondering which of your fave celebs we are talking about, look no further because we’ve got ’em all right here! Check it out: