9 Celebrities Who Became BFFs After Portraying Enemies on TV

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When it comes to TV best friends, some stars met while filming Disney Channel series, while other stars actually knew each other first and then starred on a TV show together. When your fave real-life besties guest star on their best friend’s show that is even more amazing to witness. These aren’t, however, the only way TV stars begin their friendships. Some stars seem like they hate one another, but really don’t dislike each other at all.

Just because celebrities play enemies on television, doesn’t mean they are actually enemies IRL. There are TON of celebs that became BFFs with their on-screen rivals after meeting on the set of their shows. Sure, there’d be no drama without enemies, but it’s way more fun knowing that, in real life, stars actually like each other. So, take a trip down memory lane and check out which of the best on-screen rivals are actually friends: