Celebs Who Are BFFs (or Friendly, At Least) After Dating the Same Person

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Blogspot (sparklytips)

Blogspot (sparklytips)

If you’ve been living by the rule of Mean Girls that friends don’t date their friends’ exes, well, Hollywood sure hasn’t. It’s like there’s only a select few people in the famous dating pool to pick from, ’cause it all seems pretty incestuous. (Okay, incestuous is the wrong word, but still, it all seems — for lack of a better word — icky, no?)

Most recently, Joe Jonas‘ former love, Ashley Greene, was spotted at a Color Me Mine class with JJ’s current girlfriend, Blanda Eggenschwiler. Don’t know if they became friends before or after Blanda hooked up with the JoBro, but either way, guess Ash’s demised relationship hasn’t interfered with their friendship whatsoever. And they’re not even the only ones in this particular situation. Here are 11 pairs of celebrities who are besties (or at least friendly acquaintances) who’ve shared love interests IRL: