6 Pairs of Celebrity Best Friends Who Were Pregnant at the Same Time

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Best friends who carry babies together, stay together, right? Seems like it, if these six pairs of celebrity BFFs are to be believed. Whether these sets of famous besties had matching baby bumps, or one was barely showing while the other was ready to pop, all of them were pregnant at the same time. Some delivered within days of each other, while others were months apart. But either way, even just overlapping at all was probably such an amazing experience.

Think about it. If you’re already sharing everything with your best friend anyway — clothes, secrets, food, etc. — how much more fun would it be to share one of the most incredible things? You’d be able to bond over swollen feet and weird cravings, not to mention freak out over fluttery kicks and morning sickness. While your guy might talk to you about these things, he just wouldn’t get it quite like your BFF would. And come on, shopping for bibs and onesies together? It doesn’t get any better than that. Well, unless you’re carrying at the same time as your sister.

But let’s face it. The odds of getting pregnant at the exact same time as your closest friend are pretty slim, and it really isn’t something that happens all that often. So we hope these leading ladies all took advantage of the rare opportunity they had — and that they still have. Just because they gave birth within nine months of each other doesn’t mean their job is over. They’ve got play dates to plan and baby besties to create. What’s the point otherwise?

So take a look at the pairs we’ve rounded up and be on the lookout for the future friendships forming between these famous kids. Maybe North West and Axl Duhamel will be the first? Fingers crossed!