15 Pairs of Celebrity Best Friends Who Went Head-to-Head for the Same Award

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Ever since Selena Gomez‘s longtime BFF donated her a kidney this year, we’ve been thinking about how crazy it would be to have an A-list star as our best friend. Imagine having SelGo all over your camera roll and first in your messages? That’d be pretty insane — and not just because of the perks.

There’s also the jealousy to think about. When your bestie is topping charts, posing for mags and red carpets, and kissing Justin Bieber at hockey games, it’d be hard to resist the temptation to compare your life to theirs. It hurts to think about what that would do to our confidence levels.

But what happens when both BFFs are famous Hollywood hotties? The competition would be even fiercer, especially if you were fighting for movie roles or Spotify listens. These celeb pairs, though, aren’t just in the same industry but, have also been nominated for the same award at the same time. AND, to make thinks even weirder, one of them actually WON it. We’d hate to be in their shoes.