10 Pairs of Celebrity Best Friends That Met on the Set of a Nickelodeon TV Show

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You can thank Disney Channel for a bunch of celebrity friendships, including Vanessa Hudgens & Ashley Tisdale (High School Musical), Bella Thorne & Zendaya (Shake It Up!) and Demi Lovato & Nick Jonas. And, apparently, you can thank Nickelodeon for even more.

While there are a heck of a lot of Nick co-stars who didn’t get along in real life, like, at all — last year, Alexa Nikolas said of Zoey 101 co-star Jamie Lynn Spears, “We share the same bday but not the same personality…thank God. #meanie #rude #sucks so glad those days are over 🙂 #notbffsinreallife.” Yikes — there are far more who became close, courtesy of the network. So, without further ado, here are 10 pairs of celebrity best friends that met on the set of a Nickelodeon television series: