7 Pairs of Celebrity Best Friends Who Auditioned For the Same Roles

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Sometimes the easiest way to get along with your friends is when everybody just decides to stay in their own lanes. Like if your BFF since birth is passionate about politics and wants to go out for student body president, maybe you shouldn’t start drafting posters for yourself and running against her. And if your best lunch buddy is proud of her progress on the track team, maybe you shouldn’t challenge her to a race to show off your soccer speed. That’s because being best friends isn’t about stealing spotlights or cutting special moments short, but rather building your pals up and being happy for their successes.

Obviously, you shouldn’t let a friendship stop you from going after something you really want — unless we’re talking about a crush, in which case we 100 percent take that back. But in general, it’s always a good idea to find that balance between staying true to yourself while staying respectful of your bestie. That’s not too hard to do, right?

Well, it doesn’t sound like it at first. But what happens to those rules when you’re an A-list celeb who’s friends with other A-list celebs and you’re all trying out for the same acting roles? That’s where things get a little fuzzy. But unfortunately, it just comes with the territory and a lot of our fave famous friends have had to compete against each other for parts — and while navigating that can’t be easy, they’ve handled it with grace!

These Hollywood pairs didn’t let the audition process get between them and we couldn’t be prouder, which is why we’ve got to brag about them a little bit. Because if Matt Damon and Ben Affleck went from childhood friends to competitors for the 1989 Batman movie, and their friendship lived to tell the tale, then you can figure out how to keep your BFF close when college apps come.