Celeb Beauty Lines We Wish Celebs Like Bieber, Nicki and More Would Launch

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Lots of celebs put their names on any and every product. (Oh hey, Kourtney Kim and Khloe!) But there are other celebs out there that we think could really make some moolah by putting their names behind stuff that they actually know a thing about — their signature good looks!

Here are the beauty product lines we wish our fave celebs would launch:

Justin Bieber Hair Styling Products
A little too obvi, right? The Biebs makes millions melt at the knees with a mere hair flip. But even when he chops off most of his signature locks, he still has the best hair around. We’re going to push this dream celeb product line until we see them on the shelves and in our boyfriends’ bathrooms. (We’re sure Chord Overstreet would stock up even before they were available to the public!)

Nina Dobrev Shine-Enhancing Hair Products
We’re not sure what Nina uses on her hair to make it that shiny, but we’d totes buy it! Watching TVD and remembering to hate on the evil vampire Katherine can get tough because of her distracting shiny locks. And sure, there are a lot of shine-enhancing hair prods on the market, but slap “vampire” on anything and it’s already sold a million copies. True story.

Zooey Deschanel Bang Extensions
We wish we had a dollar for every time we’ve heard a girl exclaim she has bangs because of Zooey. There’s just something about the way they frame her doe eyes in the most flattering way, ya know? (True Blood‘s Ryan Kwanten totes fell for her in a recent hilarious New Girl ep. The bangs probs didn’t hurt her chances!) We’re not sure exactly how this product would work, but maybe some faux bangs attached to a headband would do the trick.

Blake Lively Bronzer Makeup
If we didn’t know better, we’d swear that Serena van der Woodsen spent all that time away on yachts instead of in boarding school. How approps that her GG character spent a summer in California! Blake is nothing without her signature bronze glow and we’d love to hear her secrets on getting and maintaining that tan. Hey, it’d be a much better choice than any sure-to-be-orange tanning goo from the cast of Jersey Shore

Nicki Minaj Fake Eyelashes
We know that Katy Perry just came out with her own line of faux lashes, but we kind of dig Nicki’s more. And since Nicki’s already got her own MAC Viva Glam lipstick – she and Ricky Martin are the lines’ current faces – and a pretty awesome line of OPI nail polish, this just seems like a natural next step. Make it happen, Nick!

Michelle Trachtenberg Eyeliner
Michelle hasn’t been doing a whole lot lately anyway, so maybe she’s secretly developing a huge signature eyeliner line in an underground bunker? We wish! There’s gotta be some way she makes those huge eyes of hers pop.

Which celebs do you wish would release beauty products? Do you agree with our picks? Sound off below!

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