The Cutest Celeb Dolls — And Who They’d Hook Up With

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You know how when you were little and you used to make your Barbie dolls make out with the Ken dolls? No? Just us? ::Awkward silence:: Regardless, that game just got a whole lot more realistic and way more fun, you guys. Because we just heard that the One Direction dolls that are already being sold (aka selling out) in the UK are now headin’ on over to the good ol’ US of A, so we thought we’d find out just which other Teen.com faves have themselves in Barbie version and, duh, which male doll would hook up with which female. Yeah. That’s right. Now we’re even matchmaking for toys. But not for the 1D guys. We want them all to ourselves.

Let’s start with the Biebs, shall we? Justin’s got, like, 8 different doll versions, all with different hairstyles and different swagtastic outfits, but we think this one looks the best with…

Selena Gomez’s Wizards of Waverly Place doll. Do you think this toy looks a lot like Alex Russo?

Obvs, the Bella Swan Barbie comes with Edward and Jacob dolls, too. But here’s the question — would you have Bella’s doll marry Edward, or would she run away into the woods with Jacob? Decisions, decisions.

Mattel probably made Taylor Swift’s doll single, considering it’d be way too much effort to make Jake Gyllenhaal, Joe Jonas, Chord Overstreet and Cory Monteith Ken dolls to go along with her. But maybe Bella Swan could lend Jacob Black to Taylor Swift so they could relive that sexy Valentine’s Day smooch over and over again? Just askin’.

Cody Simpson’s doll is creepily accurate with its perfectly side-swept blonde hair and Gold Coast tee shirt. Too bad the doll doesn’t talk in his signature Aussie accent, though.

Hey, look! It’s Cece and Rocky barbs! These cuties inspired by Bella’s and Zendaya’s Shake It Up characters just might be the most realistic of the bunch yet. And admit it — Cece and Cody’s plastic counterparts would look so cute togeths.

Victoria Justice’s Victorious character, Tori, has her very own Barbie, too, complete with sparkly dress, mic, and every other pop singer-wannabe’s accessory. All she needs is Avan Jogia, doll version…

Which celeb doll is your fave?Will you be buying one (or five) 1D dolls? Which celeb Barbies should hook up with who?

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