Throwback Thursday: 11 Unbelievable Audition Tapes For Your Favorite Roles Ever

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One of the hardest parts of being an actor is the audition process. There are so many people auditioning for the same role and there's never a guarantee that an actor will book a job. There's a lot of pressure that comes with an audition because if an actor does great, they're more likely to get the part. Sometimes that pressure can get the best of actors, other times the actors absolutely crush the audition and it leads to them booking the role.

Want to see some amazing examples of actors who dominated their auditions and landed the job? Well we've found 11 just for you! From Emma Stone and Rachel McAdams to Emma Roberts and Hilary Duff, see how some of your favorite actors booked their famous roles. Check them out below and then tell us, which audition was the best of them all? Let us know in the comments!

1. Watch Emma Stone nail her audition for Easy A. Seriously, could you picture anyone else in this role?2. Steve Carell auditions for Anchorman, is hilarious.3. Check out Chloë Grace Moretz auditioning for Let Me In, how amazing is she?
4. Want to know how Hilary Duff and Chad Michael Murray landed their parts in A Cinderella Story? Check out their audition together below!5. Back in 1999, Hugh Jackman had to audition for the part of Wolverine in X-Men. Watch below!6. Check out a very young Natalie Portman auditioning for a role in the film Leon: The Professional back in 1993. Obv, she booked it!7. How did Megan Fox land her role in Transformers? Watch her audition below!8. How perfect was Rachel McAdams in The Notebook? Check out the video below to see why she was the clear choice for this role.9. You MUST watch Henry Thomas audition for the role of Elliott in E.T. because it's incredible. This gave us goosebumps!10. Aquamarine auditions! See how Emma Roberts, JoJo, and Sara Paxton got their roles!11. Can you picture anyone other than Kate Winslet as Rose in Titanic? Watch her screen test for the part in the video below. Clearly, she deserved this role!Check out the trailer for The Amazing Spider-Man 2!

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