Cute Fluffy Animal GIFs Are the Perfect Distraction

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Today is cause for celebration, because pretty much every Wednesday is cause for celebration when it means that Friday is only two days away. This week, we’re trying the methods of a) distraction by cute fluffy animals and b) hilarious GIFs.

BREAKING NEWS: Victoria Justice is holding a koala…
Okay, that’s not exactly ‘breaking,’ but still. Look how adorbs!

victoria justice koala

Now we feel sad, because we do not have a koala in our lives.
Sarah Hyland understands your pain.

sarah hyland sad

Though nothing beats the pain of when the sun streams through your bedroom window,
and you don’t want to wake up.

cat face palm

It’s a truly horrifying process.

nicki minaj ellen degeneres

So by the weekend, we’re Macklemore-ing it (i.e. chilling, and loving our couch).

macklemore couch

Soon enough, you’ll be dancing like a fool
— or like Niall Horan. The difference is negligible.

one direction niall horan

Can’t you tell how excited Lily Collins is?

lily collins

Get cray, Christina Aguilera.

christina aguilera funny

Even if you stuff your bra like Cher Lloyd, we won’t spill your secrets.
What happens this weekend, stays this weekend.

cher lloyd bra stuffing

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