10 Celebrities Who Created Their Very Own Activewear Clothing Line

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We’ll be the first to admit that getting in our 60 minutes of daily activity in is not exactly our top priority. With so many other factors like school, work, friends, practice and making sure that we’re all caught up on our favorite shows distracting us, working out and exercising usually ends up on the bottom of our to-do list.

We know how important it is to get our body moving, so when we do get our butts to the gym or just take the dog out for a run we instantly feel better. To help with motivation, sometimes we create an awesome playlist that just makes us want to move and sometimes simply buying a great workout outfit gives us the perfect reason to take a run in the park. Knowing that you look good while working out is an instant confidence booster, and it’s even better when you’re wearing gear inspired or created by your fave celebrity.

It feels like now more than ever, some of the biggest stars are venturing off into the business world, making makeup lines and the like. We have been OB-sessed with Rihanna‘s Fenty Beauty line, and that’s not the only thing the singer can do. RiRi also has her own clothing line in collaboration with Puma. Tons of other celebs have partnered with big brands to specifically create workout gear like Demi Lovato‘s Fabletics collab and Julianne Hough‘s workout gear with MPG sports.

As much as we LOVE these clothes, we wanted to see how many celebs have actually created their very own clothing line. Not only did we find out that some of our favorite clothes were designed by our favorite celebrities, but we also discovered a whole bunch of new brands to check out. Our piggybanks are already crying, TBH.