9 of Your Fave Celebrities Reveal Their 2018 New Year’s Resolutions

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The CW

We all know there’s no need to wait until the ball drops on New Year’s Eve to change your life. Holding off until NYE to decide you want to work out more, or stop drinking coffee just isn’t necessary. BUT, that being said, there’s something really refreshing about a good ol’ New Year’s resolution. It’s a chance for self-awareness and starting your year on the right foot, and who doesn’t need to do that?

Too bad some people have a serious problem keeping up on them though, which is why the gym gets crazy crowded in January and then goes back to normal a few weeks later. But other people have a different problem — they have no idea what their resolution should be! Good thing these celebs came up with some pretty good ones for 2018 to get ya started.