6 Celebs Who Surprised Their Significant Others on Stage

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Tumblr (biebs-gifs)

Tumblr (biebs-gifs)

We are addicted to celebrity couples and we don’t care who knows it! Celeb duos are SO fun to watch and even more fun to see do cute things together, like star in movies with one another or star together on their TV shows after meeting on set. Romance is nice no matter how famous someone is, but stars who fall in love just seem to be more interesting. You know exactly what we mean, so don’t judge!

Some celeb pairs deny their super obvious relationships, but when couples embrace their romances in the spotlight they are SO much better. Our fave couples might actually be the ones who surprise their significant others. There are a few adorable celebs that even managed to show up on stage and surprise their significant other in concert and we have all the videos below:

1. Justin Bieber at a Selena Gomez concert — Young love at its finest. In 2011, during Selena’s O.C. Fair concert in California, JB shocked not only the fans, but his girlfriend by walking on stage. He gave her a big hug before singing “Cry Me a River” by Justin Timberlake. It was both adorable and awesome. Although Sel and Biebs have a roller coaster relationship, this concert moment is too cute.

2. Big Sean at an Ariana Grande concert — Sometimes PDA is okay. When Big Sean surprised his GF in Detroit he obviously had to sing with her during her Honeymoon Tour later that night, duh. In March 2015 the rapper showed up in town and Ari was really shocked. Then when he performed that night, singing their duet “Best Mistake” he kissed her on stage, which NEVER happened between these two since they usually hid their affectionate side on stage. Sadly the pair is no longer together, but this concert moment was very touching.

3. Ariana Grande at The Wanted concert — The band knows best! In 2013 during The Wanted’s Club Nokia (in Los Angeles) performance they insisted Ariana come on stage. So technically it was a surprise for Ari, since she was just their to watch her British BF, Nathan Sykes perform with his band. Once she was dragged on stage the guys sang “Heart Vacancy.” Nathan cuddled with Ariana on stage, after she initially tried to run off stage, which made it even more adorable to witness.

4. Wilmer Valderrama at a Demi Lovato concert — During her March 2015 benefit concert for the Lovato Treatment Scholarship program Demi was the one who was actually in for a treat. The “Confident” singer performed some of her hit songs at the West Hollywood event before answering some questions from her fans and Perez Hilton. One of the questions asked if Wilmer, her longtime BF was there, which according to her he wasn’t. As Demi was talking about him not being there the That ’70s Show hunk came on stage, surprised her and then sang her “Happy Birthday” as a toast to three years of Demi being sober! Yay, for love.

5. Jay Z at a Beyonce concert — This couple is forever crazy in love. During Beyonce’s 2013 Mrs. Carter Show World Tour in Philadelphia, she was totally thrown off guard when her husband ran up from behind her and hugged her. As Beyonce was thanking her band, backup singers and dancers, she randomly looked back and saw Jay Z run up. He quickly hugged her and then ran back off stage. Her face was priceless. (see about 2:00 minutes in)

6. Miranda Lambert at a Blake Shelton concert — Even men can be surprised in concert! Back in 2011, Miranda decided to surprise her hubbie while he was opening for Brad Paisley. She was sneakily hiding backstage and all of a sudden she ran out and started singing. Blake was clearly in shock so the “Little Red Wagon” singer asked his fans if she could sing her husband “Happy Birthday.” She proceeds to sing to him and says “Happy Birthday Mr. Lambert” and it is SO sweet.

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