8 Lame AF Reasons Why These Stars Cheated on Their Significant Other

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Cheaters are awful. End of story. Like, rather than end on the worst note possible, why not break it off first? You can at least respect your soon-to-be ex that much, you know? That’s our stance anyway. But, we guess, each situation is different — celebrities like Robert Pattinson, Selena Gomez & Kourtney Kardashian even found ways to forgive their loves, despite the infidelities (for a little while, at the very least).

But you know what’s worse than a cheater? A cheater who not only admits to having an affair, but comes up with the most lame reason for committing the act of unfaithfulness. Sometimes it’s peppered in with an apology, but NO EXCUSES. ACCEPT YOUR PUNISHMENT. YOU ARE THE ONE RESPONSIBLE! Here are the worst offenses committed by famous people: