5 Celebs With Really Ugly Tattoos

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As the proud owner of a chic little piece of ink myself, I believe that there are no lame tattoos. At least, I did until I saw these stars with some seriously questionable body art. From poor placement to a “You’re gonna hate this in five years” design, check out a few of the most awful inkings in Hollywood!

Hayden Panettiere
The golden rule of getting a text tattoo? CHECK THE SPELLING. This seems like a no-brainer, but Hayden, who clearly doesn’t speak Italian, failed to spellcheck her ink and now there’s an extra in her Vivere senza rimipianti message, which means “Live without regrets.” Or at least it would if it weren’t totally misspelled. Oh, the irony.


RiRi collects tattoos like I once collected scratch n’ sniff stickers (let’s not talk about it). She has over a dozen eensy little inkings, but the worst is by far this atrocious THUG LIFE emblazoned across her knuckles. Really, Rihanna — you’re living the thug life? Really? Because I bet most hoodlums don’t go to the Oscars and fly in private jets. Just a thought.


Kelly Osbourne
Can anyone tell me how a girl with the oddeset menagerie of body art EVER lands a gig criticizing other peoples’ style on The Fashion Police? From her hideous keyboard (she admitted she doesn’t even play!) to the awkward, manly anchor on her arm, Kel has wisely decided to laser off most of her 15 tats.


Lady Gaga
She may be the most unique star on the planet, but that doesn’t mean her tattoos follow suit. In addition to a few other designs, Mother Monster has an oh-so-cliché peace sign on her wrist. Wait — she likes peace?? No way! I bet she likes “having fun” and “hanging with friends” too!


Scarlett Johansson
“It just makes me happy when I look at it,” says ScarJo of her hippie-ish sunset tattoo. True, it’s cute in a bright, Sanrio pencil box kind of way. But you should always ask yourself “What message will this body art send to the world?” Unfortch, the message her ink sends to me is: “I’m Scarlett. I like colors and am incapable of holding a meaningful conversation.”


Which of these tattoos is the worst? Do you have any body art (or would you consider getting some)?

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