13 Celebrities Who Only Go By One Name Because They’re Just That Cool

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Tumblr (hallofgifs)

Tumblr (hallofgifs)

You guys, something momentous occurred within the KardashianJenner empire a couple days ago and it has nothing to do with Kim, Kim’s boobs or Kim’s butt. Crazy, right? I know. But one member of the family actually doesn’t want to use her last name to coast upon for career success, and that is one Kendall Jenner. Oh, I’m sorry, I mean just “Kendall.” Because she’s dropping her last name, because she wants to be like her predecessors, Tyson and Iman. As in, models who dropped their last name because it was unnecessary and frivolous. Because Kendall, as she will henceforth be known, is in a league all her own. Sorry, Bruce. And Kris (just kidding, she’s probably behind this).

Which got me thinking about all of the celebrities out there who only need one name in this world. Because they’re either that important and cool, or their birth-given surname is too hard for people to spell/remember. Enjoy.

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