Ouch! 9 Celebrities Who Did the Same Cringe-Worthy Thing to Their Nipples

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Can we just take a second to think about a sharp, large needle being shoved into one of the most sensitive parts of your body? Sounds like a horrible form of torture, right? Wrong! It’s just the pain celebrities like Kendall Jenner and Kristen Stewart went through to add a very ~unique~ piece of jewelry to their body’s collection.

That’s right — nipple piercings may be a bit of a taboo topic, but, as it turns out, some of Hollywood’s biggest stars are fans of the naughty bling. As much as a ring on your nip may seem to be a private, easily hidden thing, it’s actually more obvious than you thought. Click through the gallery below to see all the stars who’ve thrown inhibitions to the win and gotten their privates pierced.