7 Female Celebrities Who Had the Same Embarrassing Makeup Fail in Public

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Every week we bring you new beauty hacks to help make your day-to-day life a little bit easier. Another big reason why we feel that the tips are super important? To prevent you from making common makeup mistakes that basically every person has made in the past! If only the following celebrities checked out our lipstick hacks, they wouldn’t have stepped out of the house and had major beauty fails, all involving dark lippies!

Despite the fact that all of the following stars probably spend hours with professional makeup artists before hitting the town, they all had the same embarrassing thing happen to them. Nothing says ‘OOPS’ like flashing what you think is a pearly white smile only to realize you have globs of red all over your teeth. Nasty. Click below to see which of the hottest stars had lippy malfunctions in public.