10 Stars Who Will Never Be As Famous As Their Siblings

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Even celebrities aren't immune from a little bit of sibling rivalry. While most stars have brothers and sisters that live somewhat normal lives, there are those that have siblings who try to share the spotlight. However, not every family can have more than one super star.

For example, though Jamie Lynn Spears had quite the popular show on Nickelodoen back in the day — Zoey 101! — she's not trying to reintroduce herself into the entertainment world with a just-released single titled "How Could I Want More." It's nice she's doing this and all, but let's be real — she'll never reach Britney Spears levels of fame.

Jamie Lynn shouldn't feel too bad though, as she definitely isn't alone in this. While they're all great in their own way, we rounded up 10 stars who will most likely never be as famous as their siblings. Check them out below!

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