9 Celebrities Who Are Supposedly Too Poor to Fund Their Own Movies

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Tumblr (hellyeahfranco)

Tumblr (hellyeahfranco)

Zach Braff‘s new movie, Wish I Was Here, opens today. You might remember it as one of the first projects to introduce us to the “celebrities using crowdfunding to get their movies made” trend. That’s right. Celebrities. With lots of money. And connections. Who have already had plenty of amazing opportunities handed to them. Asking us for money to make movies we’ll then have to pay more money to see. No thanks.

I’ve been against this trend pretty much from the get-go. I think it undermines what sites like Kickstarter were created for — to allow unknown artists to get their projects off the ground so they can show the world what they’re capable of and hopefully one day be successful enough to not have to ask strangers for money. A lot of the celebs who use it argue that it gives them more freedom, because studios and investors aren’t butting in and making changes. If you ask me, that just sounds like a way to take advantage of fans who have no pull in Hollywood. If you want to know just how far-reaching this trend is, here are just nine stars who tried it out:

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