Keyboard Drool: The Hottest Celeb Siblings You Never Knew Existed

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Let's be honest, we've all had times where we desperately wished we looked like a celebrity. They're known for their pretty smiles, perfect teeth, and amazing hair. Who wouldn't want to look like a celeb? For some people, it's easier to look a celebrity, because they share the same DNA. A lot of our favorite celebs have siblings who look just like them! How lucky are they? Stars like Zac Efron, Emma Watson, and Josh Hutcherson all have (very good looking) siblings that we rarely hear about.

To get you more familiar with these celeb siblings, we've rounded up pictures of them! Check out the gallery to see 11 celeb siblings we thought you might know about! Take a look and then let us know, which celeb sibling do you think is the hottest? Let us know in the comments below!