7 of Your Favorite Celebrities Who Got a HUGE Tattoo on Their Hands

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Celebrities, whether they’re musicians, actors or models, are some of the most creative people on the entire planet, so it’s not surprising that they’re always looking for new ways to express their individuality. One of the most common methods of self-expression has always been the art of tattoos, and lately, a ton of our fave stars have been OBSESSED with getting inked!

There are a lot of things to think about when getting a new tattoo, like where exactly on your body you’re going to get it. We’re not sure what’s been happening lately, but a TON of stars decided to go with ink in one certain spot — their hands! And while some opt for dainty tats between their fingers, others go all out with designs big enough so no one misses ’em. Curious about which stars went this route? See below!