Celebs Who Have ROCKED Braces & Glasses

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Have you heard about Nickelodeon’s new show, How to Rock? It premieres TONIGHT at 8:30p/7:30c, and is based on the How to Rock Braces and Glasses book series by our BFFs at Alloy Entertainment, the creators of Gossip Girl, Pretty Little Liars, The Vampire Diaries… yeah, basically every show you watch on TV!

The show is about this girl who gets thrown out of the popular clique just because she had to get braces and glasses — and we think that’s ridic. To show you all how hot you can still look with braces and glasses, we’ve found a bunch of our fave celebs who’ve worn them:

Justin Bieber loves showing off how awesome he looks in designer frames. Where can we get our pair?!

Yeah, America Ferrera only wore braces for Ugly Betty, but they definitely did not look ugly on her — she still looked adorbs!

Speaking of adorable, have you seen how Dakota Fanning looked in her braces?

We can’t decide which is hotter — Joe Jonas with glasses or without…

Did you see Anne Hathaway in One Day with Jim Sturgess? Those specs looked great on her!

Is it wrong that Zooey Deschanel makes us wish we needed glasses?

Emma Watson may be one of the prettiest actresses out there right now, and her teeth are perfect. But they weren’t always that way — she was once a braceface too!

And so was Drew Barrymore! From the look of that smile on her face, we think she totally knew how she looked.

Three of our fave Glee hotties — Chord Overstreet, Kevin McHale, and Cory Monteith — love rocking their snazzy designer frames off-camera at press events.

Katy Perry may have started out looking a little ridiculous in her “Last Friday Night” music vid, but she proved that with a little makeup and self-confidence, you can rock any look.

Speaking of rocking any look, Demi Lovato looks so beautiful when she wears her frames. So jeal.

See, not everyone is born with perfect teeth or eyesight — the trick is learning how to rock the way you look by putting on a smile for all your haters.

Are you going to watch How to Rock when it premieres? Did you ever have braces/glasses or have them now? Which celeb rocks the look the best? Tell us in the comments!