8 Celebrities Who Grossed Everyone Out with Their Graphic Injury Instagrams

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By this point, we should all have a handle on social media etiquette. We’ve been on Instagram for, what, five years now? There’s really no excuse for weird social media behavior… So somebody needs to let Hollywood know, because some of its stars are NOT following the rules. And these are not difficult boundaries! For example: Nudity. Celebs like Kendall Jenner and Rihanna actually had their pics banned from Instagram for their nakedness. And let’s not even discuss the number of times Miley Cyrus has gotten naked for all her followers to “enjoy.”

There are plenty of other social media don’ts that celebrities love to ignore. Nobody needs to be reminded of Kanye West‘s sporadic Twitter rants or Liam Payne‘s overly-filtered selfies. But the most disturbing of all might be when celebs post pics of their nasty injuries. Doesn’t matter how famous you are; nobody wants to see your gross bruises and bloody scrapes! But these stars are apparently totally unaware of that:

1. Miley CyrusMiley has posted a ton of injury pics, each more disgusting than the next. In 2014, she was hospitalized after somehow getting a gash in her arm. She posted a number of photos cataloguing the repair process. IT WAS UNNECESSARY.

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2. Nick Jonas — Nick banged up his knees while shooting the music video for his song “Levels.” He captioned it: “Real blood. Real holes. That’s when you know you’re putting in work on your knee slides.” Congrats. We’re all thrilled for you.

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3. Nina Dobrev — Explain this to us. It’s an adorable selfie. Nina looks radiant. Her smile, the shades, she’s killing it. So why ruin the shot with a big bleeding scrape on her knee? How hard would it have been to crop that out?

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4. Perrie Edwards — OMG, let this be a lesson to us all. Perrie suffered burns on her hand and arm after the pilot light on her stove blew up. (Pilot lights are the little flames underneath the stovetops.) She may even be left with permanent scarring. Although we really didn’t need or want to see this pic, at least it’s kinda educational.

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5. Taylor Swift — Okay, this one isn’t gross. She cut herself with a kitchen knife and bandaged it up before Instagramming it. But really, why post it at all?

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6. Jimmy Fallon — Over the last year, Jimmy’s injury streak has been out of control. It’s unclear why he’s so clumsy — there have been rumors of an alcohol problem, but he and his team has denied that — so all he can really do is make fun of himself. He’s posted pics of his numerous wrist and hand injuries, but this pic of his chipped tooth is particularly cringeworthy.

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7. James McVey — IF YOU’RE SUPER SQUEAMISH, DON’T SCROLL DOWN. James had wrist surgery in 2015 and felt the need to gross out the whole world with this disgustingly graphic shot. Eww, eww, eww, eww, eww. WHY??

A photo posted by James McVey (@iamjamesmcvey) on

8. Michael Clifford — Thankfully, Michael spared us the worst of his injuries, but this pic is still a little nightmarish. A pyrotechnics mishap on stage left the 5 Seconds of Summer guy with burns on his face in July 2015. He’s since recovered without any noticeable marks. See, that’s positive karma for not totally grossing us all out.

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