12 Celebrities Who Spoke Out About Their Abusive Parents

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They smile on the red carpet, but the sad truth is that many celebrities are secretly dealing with seriously messed-up stuff. Nobody has a perfect life and, in some cases, the pressures of Hollywood can intensify difficult issues. Seemingly-flawless stars, like two of Pretty Little Liars‘ biggest talents, Troian Bellisario and Lucy Hale, have battled eating disorders; celebs who appear to “have it all,” like Selena Gomez and Zac Efron have found themselves in rehab… Thankfully, many celebs have strong support systems in their families and friends. But when they don’t, well… that’s when things can get really rough.

It breaks our hearts when we find out that some of our favorite stars can’t even trust their own friends and family. Nobody — celebrity or otherwise — should ever have to suffer abuse in any form. A number of female stars have spoken out about their own experiences with physical and emotional abuse by ex-boyfriends. (Debby Ryan, Sarah Hyland and Kim Kardashian are among them.) If that’s not terrible enough, many celebs have faced abuse from their actual family members. Here are 12 stars who’ve opened up about the abuse they endured by their own parents’ hands: