10 Stars Whose Parents Actually Hated Their Significant Other

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We all want to get along with our parents, but that’s easier said than done. Arguments over tight dresses, curfews, permission to get an eyebrow wax — been there. Celebrities deal with parent drama just like the rest of us, and sometimes their issues are extra weird (shout out to the celebs who’ve actually had to fire their parents!). And sometimes these problems lead to extremely sad results, like when Ariel Winter had to legally emancipate herself from her parents. Thankfully, most parent-child struggles aren’t life-ruining, just kind of annoying.

One topic that’s always bound to cause some conflict with Mom & Dad: dating. It can be tricky enough getting clearance to enter the dating pool, and that’s only the beginning. Introducing a new BF to the ‘rents is often a long, painful process, and it can be devastating to find out they don’t approve. Whether they dislike your guy for legit reasons or ridiculous ones, it’s definitely a harsh blow, and it sucks. But you’re not alone! Take a look at these 10 stars whose parents rejected their significant others: