7 Celebrities Who Tragically Lost Their Dads to Cancer

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No matter who you are, losing a close family member is a tragedy. These celebrities who lost their siblings know the cold, hard truth. Sometimes it’s to an unforeseeable accident, but, oftentimes, it’s due to illness, too; more specifically, cancer. For these famous people, it is cancer that took their dads. Whether they have discussed their relationship with their fathers publicly — like Demi Lovato — or the details of their personal lives have remained more undercover, that doesn’t make the loss of a father any easier to deal with.

Recently, Vanessa Hudgens dedicated her Grease: Live performance to her own father, who suffered from Stage 4 cancer. However, she is not the only celebrity to continue rocking a career after such a loss. Here are the celebrities who have carried on after they lost their dads to cancer: