8 Female Celebrities Who Wore the Same Offensive Costume on Halloween

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For some, October 31 marks a time filled with candy, costumes and crazy antics. For others, it marks the beginning of something entirely different. In Mexico (particularly the Central and South regions) and parts of the United States in which people of Mexican ancestry live, the last day of October through November 2 is referred to as the Day of the Dead (or Día de los Muertos), which “focuses on gatherings of family and friends to pray for and remember friends and family members who have died.”

The tradition includes festivals and parades, as well as gatherings of families at cemeteries to pray for their deceased loved ones. You know what it shouldn’t include? Cultural appropriation… but that’s exactly what happens anyway.

Every year, it seems like there’s at least one non-Mexican celebrity who rings in Halloween wearing calavera makeup not to acknowledge the Day of the Dead, but simply as a pretty costume. Sandra Bullock did it last year, while taking her son out for All Hallow’s Eve. Then there are these other female celebrities — three of whom sported the look this year!